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Motorcyclists with social commitment and how they change the world:

For many people, motorcycling is more than just a hobby or leisure activity. It is a passion that they share with others and that binds them together. But there are motorcyclists who go one step further: They are involved in social projects and are committed to a better world. These motorcyclists use their passion for riding to do good. They organize charity events and fundraisers to support people in need. They visit hospitals, nursing homes and residential homes to bring joy to people. They are committed to environmental protection and sustainability and fight against discrimination and exclusion.

We are also committed to social projects. We use our reputation and our network to collect donations, draw attention to social problems, support and bring joy.


Motorcycling and social commitment have a lot in common. For many motorcyclists, it is precisely this combination that intensifies their passion - including us.

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Limeshof Welzheim EN


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