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Welcome to RIDE WITH ME Charity!

🛣️ At RIDE WITH ME, the joy of life is the focus of our motorcycle trips. We are passionate Bikers and share the enthusiasm for the adventure that awaits us on two wheels. Our mission is to share the joy and spirit of motorcycling with like-minded people and create unforgettable experiences.

🤝 BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! We care about social responsibility and the well-being of people. That's why we're passionate about charity and nature conservation in the Romanian Carpathians. We firmly believe that our efforts can make the world a better place.

🤲 RIDE WITH ME actively supports EMERGENCY RELIEF for people affected by disasters and accidents. We donate resources, time and financial resources to help these people in their most difficult hour.

🤲 RIDE WITH ME actively supports NATURE PROTECTION and is committed to the CARPATHIA European Wilderness Reserve project to create a new protected area and improve the living conditions of the local population. It's our way of giving back to the community and the world that gives so much to us.


🤲 RIDE WITH ME actively supports ANIMAL PROTECTION and in particular bear Andi and Milioane de Prieteni, the operators of the world's largest bear reserve, where Andi lives, and which is financed entirely through donations.

How you can support us:

🤗 You can help us support our charitable work and conservation efforts by participating in our fundraising projects, inviting friends and family to join us, or simply spreading our message. Every contribution counts, and together we can make a positive difference in the world.

Thank you for being part of our RIDE WITH ME family! Together we can enjoy the joy, spirit and life while helping those who need our support most and contribute to conservation.


Our current fundraising project for people in need:

Together for Marin & Marinela: Rebuilding a home

Our current fundraising project is particularly close to our hearts because our immediate neighborhood in Avram Iancu, from where we start all of our motorcycle tours, is affected.

On the evening of October 19, 2023, a tragic disaster occurred in our small village of Avram Iancu, in the municipality of Vârfurile, Arad County, Romania. The home of Marin and Marinela Oancea, a humble and extremely needy couple aged 65 and 67, was destroyed by a devastating fire. Like most of our neighbors here in the countryside, they live from the profits of their small farm and the few animals they keep. The fire not only took away their home, but also their livelihood. Marin and Marinela have lost everything they owned and face an uncertain future. Now, in their greatest need, they need our help.


We have decided to launch a fundraising campaign to help Marin and Marinela rebuild their home. This includes purchasing building materials such as wood for the roof structure and tiles for the roof, replacing the plumbing and electrical installations and paying the tradesmen. Without the generous support of people like you, we cannot manage this project.


Marin and Marinela should have a safe and warm home again where they can feel safe. We firmly believe that together we can give them that hope back.


Every contribution, no matter how small, helps! We cordially ask you to participate in our fundraising campaign and support Marin and Marinela on their road to recovery. Please help us to make their lives a little better during this difficult time.


Help us support Marin and Marinela. Click on the donation link, donate however you can, share this message with your network and help give these two people hope and a future.


We thank you in advance for your generosity and compassion.

RIDE WITH ME Fundraising Project
RIDE WITH ME Natural Reserve Project

Our commitment to creating a new protected area and improving the living conditions of the local population

We support the CARPATHIAN European Wilderness Reserve project


We need more national parks.
The Romanian Carpathians are the most important natural area we still have on our continent. 30 percent of large carnivores live there, more than half of the remaining virgin forests are in Romania and more than 3,000 animal and plant species are at home there. These forests are not only a hotspot for protecting biodiversity but are also a huge carbon store that is of great importance for climate protection.

We donate 2% of the proceeds of every trip booked to the

CARPATHIAN European Wilderness Reserve.

The Foundation Conservation Carpathia (FCC) Foundation is breaking new ground in nature conservation. For the first time in Europe, a private initiative has developed an all-encompassing concept that not only creates a new protected area, but at the same time improves the living conditions of the local population in all areas and is actively involved in all areas of sustainable development.

The foundation has purchased almost 27,000 hectares of forest areas for full protection (an area larger than the Bavarian Forest National Park), replanted over a thousand hectares of degraded areas with the natural tree species composition, reintroduced bison and beavers and increased sport and trophy hunting to almost 100,000 ha set. In addition, the FCC Foundation directly helps local communities and actively improves living conditions, especially for disadvantaged sections of the population, develops a new, green economy, and is already developing the infrastructure for the future national park.

The wildlife biologists Barbara and Christoph Promberger were awarded the BAMBI in the “Our Earth” category in 2023. In this category, BAMBI has been recognizing outstanding commitment to climate and nature conservation for many years.

Link to Youtube-Video "The dream of your own national park"

Link to website CARPATHIA European Wilderness Reserve

RIDE WITH ME Animal Protection Project

Our adopted bear Andi

We support Andi and the Milioane de Prieteni project in Zărnești bei Brașov

Until the end of June 2014, Andi was a wild bear without a name. He is the only bear that the Libearty team rescued from the wild rather than captivity. Although the Milioane de Prieteni (German: Millions of Friends) does not normally deal with bears from the wild as this is the place where they truly belong, this decision had to be made to protect the bear cub, then two and a half years old, from certain death to preserve.


Andi used to live in the southern part of Brașov in Dâmbul Morii, where he had his territory. When a boarding house opened on the edge of his forest, he took advantage of the new source of food and became accustomed to raiding the boarding house's garbage dump. After crashing a wedding and feasting on the wedding buffet, he later even entered the guesthouse's kitchen and grabbed a sack of potatoes. Finally, he showed up at the

We adopted bear Andi

guesthouse in broad daylight because he knew the effect he had on people and had experienced that people willingly avoided him and let him have his way. Andi became a so-called “problem bear”. Since the owners of the guesthouse were afraid and saw their source of income and the safety of the tourists at risk, they received a permit to shoot Andi. Before Andi fell victim to a bullet, Milioane de Prieteni brought him in and placed him in the reserve.

We, the APUSENI LODGE Romania, have adopted Andi and are

covering the costs of his food and stay in the reserve.

Milioane de Prieteni is one of the oldest animal protection associations in Romania. Since 1997, over 30,000 animals have been saved from suffering and death. In 2011, the association signed a partnership with the administration of the Brașov Public Dog Shelter, which marked the end of cruelty to dogs and useless euthanasia in this shelter, as well as the beginning of promoting volunteerism and adoptions. In 2002, Milioane de Prieteni set out on the beautiful but difficult path of establishing the world's largest bear reserve. Since then, the association has freed animals from inappropriate keeping, from war zones, zoos and cruel captivity and brings them to the outdoor area, where they now lead a species-appropriate life in freedom. Milioane de Prieteni is financed exclusively through donations.

Link to website Milioane de Prieteni


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