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Harmonizing Sustainable Tourism
and Motorcycling

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Sustainable tourism and motorcycling can coexist harmoniously. Motorcyclists, through responsible riding practices, can minimize environmental impact and contribute positively to local economies. By choosing eco-friendly routes, respecting nature, and supporting sustainable initiatives, motorcyclists can enhance environmental conservation efforts. Therefore, fostering mutual respect between motorcyclists and environmentally-conscious tourism initiatives is crucial to promoting harmony between these seemingly disparate interests.

Our Statement: At the APUSENI LODGE Romania, we promote exactly this harmonious coexistence between sustainable tourism and motorcycling.

Nationales Geotop Partnachklamm

Support sustainable tourism development in the Apuseni Mountains

If you don’t have the Apuseni-Mountains on your radar, fix your radar.

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We are dedicated to fostering regional development and sustainable employment opportunities. Through our commitment to nature-based tourism, we prioritize nature conservation, ensuring the preservation of the pristine beauty of our surroundings. By actively supporting local communities and bolstering the regional economy, we strive to create a harmonious balance between environmental stewardship and socio-economic progress.

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Comuna Vârfurile, Județul Arad, Rumänien

Benefit Package

We are raffling an exclusive 12-day tour of Romania for two people valued at €3,480 among all donors and you will receive the following additional benefits:


  • Exclusive discount on a stay at APUSENI LODGE Romania

  • Recognition on our website

  • Personalized thank-you message

  • Updates on project progress

  • Early access to bookings

  • Invitation to project inauguration event

  • Social media shoutout

  • Virtual tour of project site


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