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Single supplement?
Paid arrival?

Not with us! - Check out our info...

Why don't we charge a single supplement? - For this reason:

We are often asked why, unlike other tour operators, we do not charge a surcharge for single rooms. The explanation is very simple: because, in our view, such a surcharge is not justified. How do we get that?

In Romania (and not only there), each double room is also offered for single use. In the case of single use, the double room is usually cheaper. In addition, single rooms (if they are offered at all) in Romania are often cheaper than double rooms and not more expensive. In many hotels and especially in the guesthouses there are often no single rooms, but simply rooms that can basically be used by two people. In terms of price, it makes no difference whether one or two people stay in the room. There is an extra charge for a third person in the room. If, in exceptional cases, a single room costs more than a double room, these additional costs have been absorbed by the total travel price.

One could assume that the price policy of the hotels in the south of Romania (the tourist stronghold of the Black Sea) is different. Although we don't go to the south of Romania for a good reason, we took a look at the pricing there and found that the prices in the large all-inclusive hotel bunkers on the Black Sea are exactly the same. As expected, they are higher, but here, too, single occupancy in a double room is usually cheaper and there are also hotels here that do not offer single rooms.

Conclusion: If a tour operator wants to levy a single room surcharge at all, with a clear conscience it can be in the order of around 150 euros at most and only be justified by the reason that the tour operator has an additional administrative burden for planning, booking and managing single rooms. In addition, when we visit properties on our tours that do not offer single rooms - this is often the case in Romania -, we would have to refuse customers who request a single room.

It does not fit into our corporate philosophy to charge a surcharge for single rooms esp. in Romania,

because in our view there is no justification for it.


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